West Tisbury


The Accessory Apartment Program of West Tisbury (AAPWT) is a joint effort of the Town of West Tisbury and the Island Housing Trust to encourage and assist property owners who are interested in adding an accessory apartment to their property, with the goal of encouraging more affordable rental opportunities within the existing fabric and character of the town.

In West Tisbury, the Zoning Bylaws require a property to have a minimum of 3 acres (sometimes 4.5ac,) to have a guest house or additional apartment. But the Accessory Apartment Bylaw allows people with smaller lots to apply for a special permit for an Accessory Apartment, if they commit to rent restrictions to keep the apartments affordable.

The AAPWT has put together a guide to help you through the process of building an AA, from initial feasibility questions to finding tenants. We have downloadable resources and links to administrators and agents of Town Boards.